Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drum Roll.....

Oh my it has been a very long wait! I have been counting day since February 1st. We found out this past Monday that we matched to one of our four choices for residency. We put South Bend, IN as our first choice, then Ft. Worth, Kansas City, and Tyler, Texas. We decided that South Bend would be the best place for us for many reasons. We would have been happy anywhere, with any of the programs. The past week however has been a little crazy. We have been praying this entire time. Praying that we were making the right choice. I personally realized this past weekend that we might have made the wrong choice. It has been a terrible feeling so everyday all day I have been asking God if we made the wrong choice in putting South Bend first and if we did would he please put us in the place we belong. Well, God is awesome! He is bringing us home (Ft. Worth, TX) where we belong. We will miss those people that we have grown so close to here in Kansas City, but you will always be welcome to visit us. Thanks for all the prayers!!


  1. Kick Ass! God Rocks. (and yes I said "ass" and "God" in the same breathe.)

    Ft. Worth is still not the closest place to where I'm at, but much better than IN/KS/Tyler.

  2. Congrats Denise! You will be happy to be back in Texas!

    Are there any master's programs nearby?

    I totally understand the panic about choosing the right place. We switched after the date for choosing had passed. Jeff had to talk to the program director to get things right.

    You are right. God put you where you should be. Congratulations!


  3. Whoops.

    I mean masters programs.

  4. YAYY congrats to you guys! I'm very excited that you're coming back to DFW! :) Can't wait to see you!

  5. aww, i am soooo sad! BUT we are planning a trip to Waxahachie this summer, so I hope we can stop by and see you all as well! We love you both so very much and our kids love you so much too! I know moving brings so many things up for you all, but don't worry about selling your house or anything else! God has it all in control! I will be praying for you! when do you move?