Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drum Roll.....

Oh my it has been a very long wait! I have been counting day since February 1st. We found out this past Monday that we matched to one of our four choices for residency. We put South Bend, IN as our first choice, then Ft. Worth, Kansas City, and Tyler, Texas. We decided that South Bend would be the best place for us for many reasons. We would have been happy anywhere, with any of the programs. The past week however has been a little crazy. We have been praying this entire time. Praying that we were making the right choice. I personally realized this past weekend that we might have made the wrong choice. It has been a terrible feeling so everyday all day I have been asking God if we made the wrong choice in putting South Bend first and if we did would he please put us in the place we belong. Well, God is awesome! He is bringing us home (Ft. Worth, TX) where we belong. We will miss those people that we have grown so close to here in Kansas City, but you will always be welcome to visit us. Thanks for all the prayers!!

the past two years

Well, I somehow talked Michael into buying a townhouse (at the time it sounded like a great idea) in Lees Summit, Missouri. We got an awesome deal on a foreclosure and soon began picking out paints and appliances. We had fun putting together our first home. We have had some terrible home owner experiences. For example, the toilet upstairs having a leak and coming home to water dripping from the ceiling into the living room. I love Michael, but he is NOT a handy man (he is getting better though). Lucky for us we have awesome neighbors that we always call for help. This past September we (well, okay Mike and Travis {our neighbor}) laid tile in the kitchen, entry way, and half bath. It was the best birthday present! This past weekend we had new carpet installed. I rolled around on the floor like a 5 year old before we put the furniture back. Our home is finally the way we wanted it to look. We are going to miss this place very much if we have to move. However, I will not miss falling down the stairs. That seems to happen every other month, and it is not fun.

We realized, as much as we love going to The Vineyard that the 45 minute drive was just too long. We tried a couple churches in our new town, but they were not for us. We soon found The Avenue. Small world, the pastor and Michael went to the same undergrad in West Texas. He loves the Longhorns and Cowboys just like us! Yes for those of you who have not heard Michael's hatred toward the Cowboys has ended. We joined a life group and have made even more terrific friends.

We have enjoyed having our families and friends come up on weekends to visit. They need to do it more often! Nothing else really exciting has happened these past two years. I still work at Creme and Michael is still in school. We have a crazy hyper dog, but more about him later.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In the Beginning...

It was a very Hot July afternoon in 2005 when we found out that Michael was accepted into Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB). He was extremely happy and I was completely heart-broken! He had only one week to move. We did not know what would happen with us. We had only been dating for 9 months. Lucklily for Michael he decided to try a long distnace relationship. Thank goodness for cell phones with unlimited minutes and Southwest airlines!!!! It was very difficult, but made us learn to communicate with each other.

I guess he could not live without me and knew that I would not move to Kansas City unless there was a ring on my finger. So in Febuary he proposed and we got married on July 22, 2006. We went on a great honeymoon to Puerto Rico.

Then, we loaded up the Uhaul and moved to North Kansas City. I at the time thought we were in a great neighborhood. I soon found out looks can be diceiving!!!! However, we did have a wonderful first year there. It was my first year of "real" snow. We made the biggest snowman ever!! Sadly the snowman killer ran over every snowman in the neighborhood...what kind of heartles soul does that? I think the hardest thing was finding a church that we both liked. I remember Mike taking me to a church that I REALLY did not like. I huffed and puffed the entire time and Michael kept elbowing me. You would have too...all they talked about is getting everyone to donate $100, not mention the place made me think of a jailhouse. We soon agreed on a church called the Vineyard. I really enjoyed going there, but loved our small group the most. Mike even had the honor of baptizing me! We thought we would only live in Kansas City for one year and then move back to Dallas for clinical rotations. Well, I suppose we liked KC too much and decided to stay here for two more years....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are going to try this!

We have been trying to come up with a clever way to tell everyone where we will be going for residency. The conclusion is to BLOG! We were going to send out cute little letters, but that cost money and takes up more time. Not to mention the headache of some people getting the letter before others!

No matter where we end up we are going to continue blogging so everyone that we know and love my keep up with our everyday life!